Hunger Unleashed Hunger Unleashed

Hunger Unleashed

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Bradley Jackson vs. Jean Broody Dr. Jean Broody is a hot-headed, happy-go-lucky type of person whose world is filled with sex and merriment. He believes that people should not allow society to dictate how they must live their lives because life is too short. With a successful career, the love of his family, money, and an endless supply of willing ladies at his beck and call, he thinks he has it all. Till Bradley sweeps into his life like a storm and brings with him an unexpected awakening that brings Jean to his knees. Lt. Bradley Jackson is an honest-to-goodness bad-ass and intense person who doesn’t care much for fun. A survivor of a dark and rough childhood, he is a strong advocate of discipline. When he’s forced to live with Jean, the most laid-back person he’s ever met, he’s pushed to explore his deepest desires. He recognizes something in Jean that calls to him. Something that he needs…something he can't resist. When these two completely different personalities find themselves together, things take a dangerous, intense and exciting turn that shocks both of them. How will Jean cope when he finds himself in uncharted territory that threatens to change who he is? Can Bradley survive the desperate, soul-deep desire within, in the face of the hovering danger that could destroy both of them? More
Chapter 108 Jean Broody vs. Bradley Jackson ~ When suppressed desires explode… Always!
2022-11-11 06:44