CEO's Precious Assistant CEO's Precious Assistant

CEO's Precious Assistant

| Ongoing
"For me, you were nothing but a pawn. To her, you were a damsel in distress. You need to learn a lesson, your love means nothing.” ** After losing her taste bud for an unclear reason and with the gossip from everyone, Pearl Lane can’t stand it anymore and skips her hometown. She heads to Light City in the hopes of finding something to occupy herself with, little did she know that something would come in the shape of someone, her boss and tormentor, Sinclair Harewood. Broken and recently married, Sinclair Harewood’s damned life takes a rocky turn when her dead mother reappears in her life. And along with her, is Pearl Lane, a girl Sinclair had a hand in destroying her dreams. With secret agents hot on her family, Sinclair wants nothing but to take off, problem is, how could she leave Pearl behind with her reincarnated monster of a mother? ** Can Pearl forgive Sinclair when she learns she is to blame? What will Sinclair do when she learns the agent tailing her family to bring them down is no one other than Pearl’s lover? * Tag along as we unravel the journey between a hopelessly in love lady with a damaged woman who has sworn to protect Pearl even if it means staying with a good-for-nothing husband and an abusive mother. * Cover photo not mine. More
Chapter 18 Good Girl
2022-12-11 19:35