A Wish Of Lazy Otaku A Wish Of Lazy Otaku

A Wish Of Lazy Otaku

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Jak was an ordinary individual living a mundane life, until a strange accident occurred and he died. But the gods had other plans and granted him a wish, reincarnating him into a new, wonderful world. There he met a beautiful goddess who took him on as a student, leading him on an incredible journey of adventure, magic and self-discovery. Jak spent the years wisely, learning all the skills and knowledge he could under the watchful eye of the goddess. He was sure that he would need these skills for his future journey. After reincarnating in this world, he started to fulfil his dreams one by one, such as having a big family with multiple beautiful and capable wives, and conquering multiple realms. With his newly acquired knowledge, he was able to become an OP quickly, making Aashi an eternal companion. After settling into a peaceful home filled with all the things he ever wanted, the otaku was ready to indulge in his favorite pastime: watching anime. Little did he know that an incredible adventure awaited him, one that he and his beloved wives would embark on together. Witnessing the unfolding of a fantastical journey, the otaku soon found himself engulfed in a world filled with danger, romance, and an ending that none of them could have anticipated. Would they make it through unscathed? It was only a matter of time before they discovered the answer. More
Chapter 15 "Date And New Sensation In The City"
2023-05-20 05:56