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"There's something so fascinating about your innocence," he breathes, so close I can feel the warmth of his breath against my lips. "It's a shame my own darkness is going to destroy it. However, I think I might enjoy the act of doing so." Being reborn as an immortal isn't particularly easy. For Rosie, it's made harder as she is sentenced to live her life within Time's territory, a powerful Immortal known for his callous behaviour and unlawful followers. However, the way he appears to her is not all there is to him. In fear of a powerful danger, Time whisks her away throughout his own personal history. But going back in time has it's consequences; mainly which, involve all the dark secrets he's held within eternity. But Rosie won't lie. The way she feels toward him isn't just their mate bond. It's a dark, dangerous attraction that bypasses how she has felt for past relationships. This is raw, passionate and sexy. And she can't escape it. More
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