Being Pursued By Ex-husband Being Pursued By Ex-husband

Being Pursued By Ex-husband

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Seven years of loving him in secret, and three years of being married to him. This is how long Sophia Yarrow has had her attention on the same completely emotionless man, Alexander Xenos. Even when surrounded by negative speculation about why she married him, she doesn't care, as long as Alexander is hers. To her, it doesn't matter if Alexander doesn't love her at the beginning of their marriage, for he will fall for her eventually. In the three years of their marriage, however, her feelings are never reciprocated. Hence, a divorce ensues. After the divorce, her life gets better as she keeps being on the trending list with man after man. Not only that, but Alexander finally falls for her, and he tries to win her back, asking her for a second chance. Will he succeed? More
Chapter 694 Elevating Her Standards In Choosing A Partner
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