The Rise of the Black Plain The Rise of the Black Plain

The Rise of the Black Plain

| Ongoing
Minos Stuart is an ordinary young nobleman with average talent and a few possibilities for his future. Still, when he was about to start his cultivation journey, he was seriously injured, left in a nearly dead state!

But due to a turnaround in fate, Minos receives an opportunity of one in one billion when he was recognized by a fragment of the soul from an ancient specialist in the Spiritual World.

With this opportunity, Minos will have a new path to follow, full of dangers and adventures, while he will gather the strength to fulfill a promise and his own desires!


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Notice: This is a fantasy story and, as such, is not related to any fact of reality.

Disclaimer: I don't own the cover; if its original creator wants me to take down or put credit, leave a message in any chapter, and I'll do it as soon as possible. More
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