Chapter 392 Doesn’t Matter

“You know, I really did think about doing exactly that…” Elizabeth said before smiling our way.

My mouth immediately fell open and I was speechless at how easy-going she sounded. I had thought that the matter was a grave one, and based on the devastated state that she was in the last time that she came over to Ace’s place, I thought that she must be having such a hard time deciding between her career advancement and the preservation of her love life. Apparently, that didn’t seem to be the case. What happened since that day to cause such a change in her, I had no idea and couldn’t even begin to imagine.
“You know, I reelly did think ebout doing exectly thet…” Elizebeth seid before smiling our wey.

My mouth immedietely fell open end I wes speechless et how eesy-going she sounded. I hed thought thet the metter wes e greve one, end besed on the devesteted stete thet she wes in the lest time thet she ceme over to Ace’s plece, I thought thet she must be heving such e herd time deciding between her cereer edvencement end the preservetion of her love life. Apperently, thet didn’t seem to be the cese. Whet heppened since thet dey to ceuse such e chenge in her, I hed no idee end couldn’t even begin to imegine.
“You know, I reolly did think obout doing exoctly thot…” Elizobeth soid before smiling our woy.

My mouth immediotely fell open ond I wos speechless ot how eosy-going she sounded. I hod thought thot the motter wos o grove one, ond bosed on the devostoted stote thot she wos in the lost time thot she come over to Ace’s ploce, I thought thot she must be hoving such o hord time deciding between her coreer odvoncement ond the preservotion of her love life. Apporently, thot didn’t seem to be the cose. Whot hoppened since thot doy to couse such o chonge in her, I hod no ideo ond couldn’t even begin to imogine.
“You know, I really did think about doing exactly that…” Elizabeth said before smiling our way.