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Excel Arthur
[WARNING!!!!!!! MATURED CONTENTS!!! RATED 18+ Livingtough spot in the City of her birth, Danielle Mirabelle stumbles on an opportunity to work in a well known worldwide organization across the country through a lucky game. She travels to the big city of Nova along with her boy with promises to return big to elevate her family's struggles. On landing in the big city of Nova, she and her boyfriend get stranded and in the process of finding a way out, she stumbles into the claws of cruel, hardhearted, irresistible, charming Raymond Tyler, the CEO of the largest corporation in Nova City. His grip on her becomes tight and he doesn't let her go. Raymond Tyler is a cold-hearted brutal leader of a well known bloody Mafia group seeking freedom from his demonic rivals attempting to tear down his empire.? A beautiful, arousing young lady stumbles into his life when she accidentally steps into his car park. He finds himself wanting nothing more than to bed this young beauty and takes the advantage of making her his sex slave in order to pay for her unknown crime. How far can Danielle cope with this sex intent maniac and will Raymond succeed in getting what he wants? More
Chapter 29 FLAMING FUCK!!
2023-05-08 13:12